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The five needs of managers who get results
  1. Develop a practical approach based on field data
  2. Be clear in your relationship
  3. Open yourself up to the situation and towards others
  4. Determine ambitious, concrete and measurable objectives
  5. Take advantage of all feedback as to the content, the relationship and the evaluation of the outcome
The five checkpoints before deciding
  1. Take part in a conference/presentation to “form an opinion”
  2. Check out the usefulness of some form of coaching/masterclass
  3. Determine an ambitious; albeit realistic, objective
  4. Consulting, coaching, team working : choose the best way to meet your objective successfully
  5. Organise a follow-through.
The five warning signs of your need for outside help
  1. Constant repetition of negative emotions and/or feelings
  2. Difficulty in taking decisions
  3. Difficulty or slow-down in driving action
  4. Insomniac tendencies and/or relational difficulties with your family/friends.

Drive your purpose!

BSc, PhD CANTAB – MBA CEDEP-INSEAD, Fontainebleau.
Various responsibilities as a line manager in large international groups : RHODIA (now Solvay), Cray Valley (part of Coates group UK) and REGMA, Cellophane group.
Member and past director of the Association française des Conférenciers Professionnels, AFCP.

How can I help you?


Boost your performance in negotiation, either in purchasing or selling


Improve the outcome of your negotiations either in difficult conditions or with difficult people


Increase the impact of your business presentations and make them more memorable


Overtake and surprise your competitors with your business presentations in English in front of international audiences - especially so for French speakers


Surprise and motivate your managers and your staff with your strategic vision


Develop more efficient action plans with more practical outcomes

Custom-designed sessions to achieve your far reaching goals


The rudimentaries in negotiation,
difficult negotiations, strategy
and tactics in negotiation


Small group workshops to develop
your knowledge and skills
in business negotiations


This one-on-one approach is best adapted
to get the best results on a specific
point or problem.

Companies and people with whom I have worked

« John is a great coach and energizer of individuals and teams. I had the pleasure of working with him in different environments and situations: he has always delivered significant and lasting impact by working in depth on fundamental and action-oriented levers. And he is a great and fun guy to work with! »
Didier Pitot, Business Unit Director, Le Bronze Alloys

“Working with John was a great pleasure. He brings creativity and passion to his work which is refreshing and enjoyable. Each day, his can-do attitude and high energy makes everyone around him more enthusiastic. He is creative and thinks outside the box to ensure we have strong alignment with the business needs. John brings passion, energy and is practical, and results oriented. He has tremendous expertise in the area of negotiations. From designing negotiation trainings for large groups to establishing strong development plans for a particular situation, he can help an organization to exceed their targets. His style of interaction is totally accessible. His feedback is always constructive and builds on your strengths. He is always building people up. John’s communication style is one of collaboration and consensus building. He always brought a can-do attitude to every project that I worked on with him I would highly recommend him and would work with him again.”


Ekkehard Petzold
Purchasing Executive et Entrepreneur, Administrateur indépendant, Kässbohrer GbmH

Over a dozen years John has often helped us throw light on our global strategy to identify individual and practical action plans. His role as a coach has been most advantageous to improve the performance of some of our key players.

Michel Dumont
PdG, Le Bronze Alloys

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