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Why book a coaching session?

what kind of objectives?


Help your managers improve their performance more quickly when they change assignments or are promoted


Assist your managers in meeting the challenges of being fired or placed in outplacement


Accelerate the advancement of your highflyers (High potential staff)


Change in managerial assignments : overcome the challenges hidden behind every change with : promotions, change in assignment, company, firing, taking on board and any other professional challenge.


Business presentations : optimise your effectiveness (contact and outcomes) and your memorable impact (form and delivery) to maximise your results with any audience. This is particularly true for French speakers having to present their business plans in English in front of international audiences.

Proposed themes

Changes in management

Business presentations

Why coaching ?

Coaching methodology is probably the best choice to allow an individual manager to succeed in a project where he is the principal actor. This is particularly the case when dealing with change in assignment or a promotion, firing or outplacement or even a major change in project or company.
The methodology employed is essentially practical and close to the field. The psychological aspect plays a secondary role.

A practical example of an exercise in coaching

Team-Negos was called in to prepare a high flyer engineer to take over a new managerial assignment with a small team and to gain their good will and on-going motivation.


The newly installed manager made a huge success in his new assignment. He quickly gained the support of his team and their performance was substantially improved.

What customers say:

John’s approach in coaching, master classes and in training in negotiation is absolutely “world-class”. His methodology builds up negotiating power leverage and is both effective and efficient for companies that use it.


Jean- Philippe Collin
International purchasing director, Sanofi group 2018

“John’s considerable knowledge, his down-to-earth wisdom and his British sense of humour make his approach most gratifying.

John helped me construct a keynote speech in English to give it more impact for an English-speaking international audience. He is humble, precise and warm. I thoroughly recommend him.”


Hervé Franceschi
Président de l’AFCP – 2018

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