Negotiation : the fundamentals

Let negotiating become the driving force for your performance
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Negotiating is an art which needs constant improvement. All through this talk you will see the importance of having a strategic approach and using pragmatic tools to get what you want.

The strong points of this talk


Master the basic elements to succeed every time in your negotiations


Learn how to use the toolbox we offer to improve the outcome of the negotiations


Get very quickly successful negotiating results immediately after this talk/training

Detailed description



Online or live 



20 to 45 minutes, Q & A sessions extra.
Details to be identified with the client.

Administrative details

Minimum booking delay : 15 days
exploratory interviews to take place beforehand.

Who would be interested by this talk ?


General managers, CFOs and CEOs


Purchasing and sales directors/managers, and marketing experts


Buyers, sales advisers and salespeople

Typical outline for this presentation


  1. Before negotiating: preparation
    1. Yourself (and your team)
    2. Your means, the strengths and weaknesses and the same thing for the other party (according to your first estimations). Finally your strategy

2. During the negotiation and right from the start : how to establish a positive working atmosphere

  • Learn how to question and challenge both pertinently and politely
  • Be constantly a hard listener
  • Be a first class observer
  • Follow your strategy (not theirs). Be the leader and show the way
  • Learn how to use silence and reformulate whenever necessary
  • Learn how to conclude successfully with elegance

3. After the negotiation : analyse your results compared with those planned at the outset

  • Measure your efficiency
  • Take advantage of your mistakes to perform better in the future
  • How to present the outcome to your boss

Booking :

Further to your request (by email or telephone),
an initial contact by telephone will take place

Thereafter there will be several meetings to finalise
the best approach taking your needs into account.

Lastly we will draw up a list of the technical means required to ensure
optimum success for this presentation (e.g. stage craft, audiovisual needs, etc.)

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