Tactics in negotiation

Your method of approach is often the key to success in negotiation
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Negotiating is an art which requires constant practice. During this presentation you will learn the importance of adapting tactics as part of your overall strategy and no longer as part of your emotional make-up.

The strong points of this talk


Master the choice and implementation of your negotiating mix between strategic and tactical elements to optimise your success


Get worthwhile outcomes in your negotiations as soon as you leave this conference

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Online or live 



20 to 45 minutes, Q & A sessions extra.
Details to be identified with the client.

Administrative details

Minimum booking delay : 15 days
exploratory interviews to take place beforehand.

Who would be interested by this talk ?


General managers, CFOs and CEOs


Purchasing and sales directors/managers, and marketing experts


Buyers, sales advisers and salespeople

Typical outline for this presentation

1. How to evaluate the usefulness of tactics as a function of your negotiating strategy


2. Strategy or tactics : which one leads the game and why ?

  • Which negotiating mix is best adapted ?
  • The dangers of a bad choice

3. Your strategy should aim for long term goals

  • Tactics are always for the short-term effect
  • Which one should you prefer and why ?
  • Learn from your mistakes to perform better next time

Booking :

Further to your request (by email or telephone),
an initial contact by telephone will take place

Thereafter there will be several meetings to finalise
the best approach taking your needs into account.

Lastly we will draw up a list of the technical means required to ensure
optimum success for this presentation (e.g. stage craft, audiovisual needs, etc.)

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