Why John Tims ?

Expert en negotiation and in management strategy.

Coach & facilitator for team building/working.

Key points :

Bi-cultural and bilingual : English and French.

Some 20 years of management line experience, mainly in sales, marketing and general management.

International managerial “hands-on” experience both in France and the UK as well as long working periods in Japan, Southeast Asia and the USA.

Rich and varied managerial experience gained with international companies (e.g. Coates PLC, ICI PLC, Rhône-Progil {now Solvay} and Regma).

Over 15 years of client-friendly and result-oriented consulting/facilitating in the fields of : change management, creating effective management teams and in top-level negotiation and selling

Specialised in customised programmes adapted to client requirements, such as complex selling, Harvard and Stanford as applied to negotiation and Vision in action, as applied to team working.

Customer base is very international, as have been job assignments (e.g. China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Mexico, Singapore, Thailand, USA and UK.

Customer base is also very varied : automotive, banking and finance, business schools, consumer electronics, software, temporary work, telecommunications and mass transportation.

B.Sc. : Honours in Birmingham University , UK.

Ph.D. : Cambridge University, UK.

MBA : CEDEP –  INSEAD, Fontainebleau, France.

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